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Cl02 is a well-known sanitizer and disinfectant approved by FDA for many applications. Cl02 is recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO) of the United Nations (UN) and the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). It is also a disinfectant listed on the Guideline for Laboratory Biosafety of the WHO. Influenza A and B and norovirus (Norwalk virus) are examples of enveloped viruses that are hard to kill. Cl02 is uniquely able to penetrate this protein envelope and disable these pathogens. Cl02 is also effective for penetrating the proteins surrounding certain pollens to render them harmless to those with allergies.

Traditional disinfectants have to get inside the pathogen to kill it and this takes time. Pathogens can build immunities. Cl02 attacks from the outside in and can kill in as little as 30-90 seconds.

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CIO2 DISEASE PREVENTION List of commonly seen organisms that Chlorine Dioxide has been proven to eliminate provided by the EPA

CHLORINE DIOXIDE GAS FOR THE PREVENTION OF INFECTIOUS DISEASE European Journal of Pharmaceutical and Medical Research


High-quality personal protective equipment that is made in the USA. SDS Blocker CL-40 technology safely utilizes the sanitizing power of Cl02 to kill germs, viruses, bacteria, pollen and odors. This patented new granulated oxidizer allows Cl02 to be released slowly providing long term benefits.

MADE IN THE USA. SDS Blocker manufactures an assortment of personal protective products including 3-layer nonwoven face masks with with 95% filtration, CIO2 (Chlorine Dioxide) CL-40 technologies, and other adult protective gear to guard against germs and allergens. ASTM, FDA, OSHA Certifications.

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